What is Cradle to Cradle?

What does the word “ENSO” mean?

What is Cradle to Cradle?

Cradle to Cradle design (sometimes abbreviated to C2C) is a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems that are not just efficient but essentially waste free.

At ENSO Plastics, our mission is to provide a true "Cradle to Cradle" solution for PET plastic bottles. This means creating plastic from a renewable, non-food sources; encouraging recycling of the plastic to extend the useful life of the plastic and once disposed the plastic can become a clean fuel source through microbial digestion and finally, return to the earth in an organic state. To reach this goal ENSO Bottles is working to develop renewable sources for plastics, we also support and encourage recycling programs and we’ve introduced our first step in moving towards a cradle-to-cradle approach with our biodegradable plastic PET bottles.

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What does the word “ENSO” mean?

The name ENSO was a discovery derived from ancient Japanese art from: the enso circle. By viewing the flowing, perfect circle hand-brushed by Zen masters is said to provide insight into the artist’s soul. Years ago the allure of this never ending circle inspired the founders ENSO Plastics, LLC to seek and successfully find an eco-technology able to revert discarded plastic back to the place and the source components from where we took it.

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