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At ENSO Plastics™, we are committed to making the world a better place for future generations. We strive to conduct ourselves and our business practices in alignment with our core values and hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability which extends past the boardroom. Join us in a tour through some of the current concerns and remedies in the world of biodegradable and recyclable technologies.

In an effort to help us convert our values into actions, we have established an Environmental Stewardship Program. The program is designed to help others promote environmental stewardship within their communities, and advance environmentally sound principles that secure a better future for the next generation.

Contact an ENSO Plastics™ representative today to find out how together we can work to bring about increased consumer awareness for using truly biodegradable plastics.

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Remember how excited you were when you first learned about ENSO and imagined the implications for your business? Remember the satisfaction of KNOWING it was the RIGHT thing to do?

Worldwide, consumers feel exactly the same passion and excitement about the incredible technology we now share. Your customers are driven by the responsibility to reduce their impact and will jump at any opportunity to do their part in preserving the environment.

Potential customers will immediately recognize that your company invested a portion of its' profits in a cause that is far more important than mere bottom line revenue. More importantly they will see that those products on the shelf next to yours did not...

Let us help you find your next customer. We have an expert team to help you take maximum advantage of the incredible new level of marketability you have achieved by choosing Earth Friendly Plastics. Contact your sales representative for further information regarding joint marketing, labeling, web banners etc at

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What is a bioreactor landfill? Simply put, it is a waste treatment landfill with technology that accelerates the decomposition of organic wastes in a landfill. This is accomplished by controlling the addition and removal of moisture from the waste mass, the collection and extraction of landfill gas, and in some instances the addition of air.

Images and Definition by Waste Management

green arrowOrganizational Memberships

  • ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
  • IBWA - International Bottled Water Association
  • AZRC - Arizona Recycling Coalition

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Oceanic Awareness Collaboration

Global Methane Initiative

Underwriters Laboratories

Northeast Laboratories, Inc.

Green Education Network

NSF International

Polyhedron Laboratories

Eden Laboratories

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