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On the right track towards a cleaner earthENSO Plastics was created with a vision of making the world a cleaner place through plastic solutions that are better for the environment.  Our goal is to end plastic pollution by developing earth friendly plastic solutions.

In addition to bringing environmentally friendly bottles and other plastic products to market, we believe that an important part of our business is working together with manufacturers, consumers and governments to provide information and education about biodegradable plastics.

At ENSO, we believe that a true environmental approach requires working together to find solutions that lead us to achieving the right environmental long-term goals.  Our long-term goals include developing renewable and sustainable plastics which are made from non-food sources.  Our future products will not only address plastic pollution but will also assist in reducing our dependency on unsustainable resources such as petroleum.

The name, ENSO reflects the concept and life cycle of our products. Our name and logo, ENSO, is presented as a circle which represents wholeness and the returning to where things initially began.  Plastics using ENSO reflect this precept, originating from the earth, providing a value of use, and returning to the earth in a reusable natural organic state.

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