Environmental Impact

What’s the benefit of placing ENSO plastics in a landfill?

Does the ENSO additive contain any heavy metals?

What’s the benefit of placing ENSO in a landfill?

Plastics enhanced with ENSO reduce the long term impact with in a landfill in several ways.Reducing the bulk of plastic waste allows for more effective utilization of diminishing landfill space. Also, landfill environments are anaerobic in nature and lead to CH4 (methane) offgasing. CH4, also called Methane can be reclaimed as a source for clean inexpensive energy. The Clean Air Act requires all landfills to reclaim methane and other Green House Gasses (GHG) and either burn the gas or use it to create energy.

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Using methane from landfills is the most inexpensive form of “green” energy available at this time. It is even cheaper than solar, hydro, wind and alternative fuels. Methane is utilized by corporation and government entities in fullfilling sustainability goals.

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Does the ENSO additive contain any heavy metals?

No, the ENSO additive does not contain any compounds that would be considered heavy metals, light metals or metal ions.

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