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How do You Know if your plastic is ENSO?

How do you know if it’s ENSO??


You might be thinking, Wow this ENSO plastic product not only sounds green but it actually is green! Biodegradable and Recyclable, you will no longer experience guilt because you cannot recycle and your effort to be green has failed because ENSO plastics WILL biodegrade. It is just so simple and natural, the way things should be. The way all plastic products should be.

But what once seemed like an easy decision like running into the store and grabbing the first water bottle you see, now comes with options and requires a second thought. That thought being, which one of these bottles offers the best environmental benefits? The answer is ENSO. Make sure to check for our logo, if it’s not there read the labeling to be sure you’re choosing a Naturally Biodegradable bottle that is also Recyclable. (Not all brands choose to include our logo in their marketing strategy)

For those wanting to make decisions that will nurture our Earth I have compiled a list of some of the brands that use ENSO plastic (not all inclusive). Next time you are in a store look for these brands ! Some of these you probably see quite often and had no idea they were made with ENSO, right? Well now you know, so make the wiser more informed decision and choose products that use ENSO every chance you get. The more consumers are aware and wanting to choose the ENSO option, the more manufacturers will be willing to make a change and go ENSO as well. Lets take control of our waste and get this world on the right track.

Native Waters
Global Garden Friends
Northern Chill
Callaway Blue
Melwood Springs
Sparkle Springs
Balance Water
Ritual Cleanse
Project 7
Earth Water
Quantum Health Beverage
Nordstroms Department Stores
Life Ionizers
Pacific Caps
Texas Rain
Highland Premium
Ogallala Water
McClellan Mountain Spring Water
Crystal Falls
Green Solutions (PP and PE food storage containers)
Oasis Water
Natures Purest