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Corn Lobbyists don’t get the final word

California’s governor vetoed SB-1454 despite its intent to clarify misleading labeling

The recent demise in California of legislative bill SB-1454 took some by surprise. This cleverly written piece of legislation was designed supposedly to clarify misleading labeling claims and would prevent the sale of plastics in California whose packaging is labeled not only biodegradable but also compostable. 

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California Sets Out to Ban the Use of the Word Biodegradable

Under the current legislation there is a bill SB 1454 that is proposing to ban the use of the word “BIODEGRADABLE” for ALL plastic products.  Sounds absolutely crazy, why would any legislator agree to support this?   Well, the bill is backed by the PLA industry, most specifically BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) and Natureworks.  They have proposed the legislation to prevent consumers from being able to choose other environmental solutions that make better sense.  The legislation has a very compelling and sexy intent behind it which is to prevent green-washing and promote consumer awareness but what it really does is helps the PLA industry corner the market by preventing competing technologies and environmental solutions which the facts show are better than PLA.

PLA is ONLY a industrial compostable material and if used for applications such as bottles, toys, misc packaging, etc have no chance of EVER making it into a disposal environment that is needed in order to mechanically break down the plastic.  When these products make it into the customary disposal methods of recycling or landfills they will wreak havoc on recycling and last forever in landfills.

Our mission is to address and help solve the plastic pollution issue in the world, this legislation will do nothing to move us closer to that goal.  It will hinder innovation and prevent consumers from knowing what is in the packaging material of the products they are purchasing.  We believe a better approach would be to encourage innovation, stop green-washing by requiring any claims to be backed up by scientific 3rd party testing data using internationally recognized standards board’s testing and require brands to use definitions based on the tests performed.  We believe consumers will understand what it means when companies claim biodegradable, compostable or degradable when using these terms.

On July 26 we joined a group of like minded companies and people to create the Environmental Plastic Coalition to work towards stopping this kind of legislation.  We need your help to let the California legislators know that big business our voices do matter.  We are creators of own reality, making choices that support our reality not ones that disarm it.

Please…. Send an email no later than FRIDAY – August 5th to: EPC@ensobottles.com with the following:  (all messages will be provided to the coalition lobbyist)

The Assembly Members need to hear from consumers on the following:

  1. That you recognize the issue of plastic pollution and that plastic which are biodegradable will help solve the problem we now face.
  2. Your thoughts about a system that prevents companies from promoting true green initiatives, especially when science backs up any claims.
  3. How you feel about a bill that would ban and fine companies that are paving the way for a more ‘plastic less’ society.
  4. Any other thoughts about the issue.

Please end with your name, the city you live in and your phone number.

We thank you for taking the time to write, solving the plastic pollution issue is a very important issue and one in which we are all involved with regardless of whether we like it or not.  We need to work together in order to solve the situation that was created from the past decades.  Doing your part along with people just like you we can and will make a difference and provide a better, cleaner world for the future.


Danny Clark


ENSO Bottles