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Green news 4 u Interviews ENSO Plastics


This past Sunday Green News 4 U’s Mel Wylie interviewed our very own Teresa Clark, Co-founder of ENSO Plastics, LLC.

With all the misconceptions the plastics industry current holds, Green News 4 U’s Mel Wylie was eager to learn the facts. Being an environmental guru, Teresa was able to clearly educate listeners with the facts…no green-washing here. Mel also took the time to get Teresa’s views on some of the most controversial cultural plastic debates of the moment. Some of the topics covered in this podcast include  the single use plastic bag debacle, chemicals leaching into water of plastic bottles, proper packaging labeling and much, much more.

plastic bag floating trash

Go ahead and check out the podcast here to see how Teresa answered all of green news 4 u’s questions! Let us know what you think of the podcast in the comment box below, and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends.


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