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So What?


There is no question the biodegradation of traditional plastics is a reality, and YES plastics can now biodegrade in a landfill.  However, as was so eloquently posed to me recently, “SO WHAT!?” We make plastics for every purpose imaginable and when we are done with them, we thoughtlessly toss the plastics in the landfill out of sight, out of mind…but “SO WHAT”!? Does it really matter if those plastics last forever or for just a few years?  “SO WHAT”!?

Let’s look at the past 50 years: We used 7 million tons of plastic in 1960.  We increased that to 196 million tons in 2005 and are expected to exceed 365 million tons in 2015. “SO WHAT”!? We put almost 90% of our plastic waste in our landfills. That equates to over 300 million tons of plastic every year in the landfill. TONS.  Billions of tons filling up our landfills with plastic that will last pretty much forever.  And each of us continues to add TONS more every day.  If that is not enough to make you jump out of your seat and upgrade all of your plastic products to biodegradable…


Let’s look at things from a different view; The ENSO view.


Biodegradable Plastics –

Because we can reduce the volume of our landfills

Because we can build fewer landfills

Because every biodegradable plastic product you use can be converted to clean energy

Because we can choose plastics that work with nature rather than against it

Because your products can create a better world

Because WE created the mess and continue to do so

Because it’s this generation’s responsibility, not our children’s or our grandchildren’s

Because today you have a choice and tomorrow may be too late

Because your customers want it

Because you know it is the right thing to do


“SO WHAT” will you choose?